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Interviewing for an Executive Assistant – Wow what an exhausting process!

So I am at that point where I am working every extra hour of the day – okay, I am getting some sleep and occasionally catching a movie but basically I am working seven days a week – yes I love my business but I want to do more.  Many Read More

Los Angeles Conservancy Visits View Park today

Today is going to be a fun and exciting day.  Me, my sister, my daughter and my Mom are going to attend the L.A. Conservancy Tours of View Park.  Since View Park was designated as a national historic neighborhood the buzz has been none stop.  For a long time the Read More

View Heights and Crenshaw Manor – two hidden gems in the heart of our city

Recently the City designated a small neighborhood south of Windsor Hills as View Heights; this sweet little cluster of homes with views and charm have been hidden from sight for years even when View Park and Windsor Hills were exposed and on the rise.  For years I have found perfect Read More

The Real Estate Market – a view from the ground up

In 2007 I didn’t have the benefit of viewing the real estate market from the ground up, I was a homeowner and the bubble burst and caught me by surprise too.  This time I have my eyes wide open and I have the good fortune of having been on the Read More